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What is Woot and How Can it Save You Money?

Recently, my husband announced that he had finally purchased us a new robotic vacuum to help with cleaning around the house. I naturally assumed that he’d ordered it from Amazon and that I could expect it to arrive in two days with Prime. To my surprise, however, he mentioned that he purchased it from a website called Woot.

Having never heard of the site, I was, of course, curious.

Seeing my skepticism, he said the only words that would put me at ease: “It was cheaper than Amazon.”

At that moment, I not only knew that I had married the right person, but that there was a new site worth exploring.

Upon my own examination, I realized that he had discovered a hidden gem that would now become a part of my online shopping rotation.

What is Woot?

So, what exactly is Woot?

Woot is a daily deals site that offers discounts and limited-time sales on everyday items. The site, which is owned by Amazon, is a hub for finding deals on electronics, clothes, appliances, furniture, and even food.

You can search deals within one of their seven main shopping categories:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Tools & Garden
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Shirt (Custom T-shirts)
  • Gourmet (Food)

As with any deal site, you won’t be able to search for the exact item that you may be looking for. In fact, you never know exactly what’s going to be there as the selection changes every day.

However, the site is organized well enough that you can search through each category and filter to find items that you may be interested in.

The Woot community

In addition to offering deals, the site has an engaging community that consists of a blog and various forums. Customers who are a part of this community are affectionately called Wooters.

You’ll find anything from blog posts about kangaroos to community members creating and participating in games within the chat. You can also find advice about what’s being sold and people’s experiences with those items.

It is a vibrant space for those who love Woot, their deals, and random banter.

How can Woot save you money?

The advantage of shopping on Woot is its deep discounts on products. You may find items that are discounted up to 80% off of their original price, making it an obvious cost-saving.

For example, the robotic vacuum that my husband purchased was sold for 60% off its original price and $20 less than Amazon sells it for. This saved us around $300.

In addition to the deep discounts on new items, Woot also sells refurbished goods that are sold for less than retail. This is typically the case for items within the electronics category.

You can find refurbished computers, cameras, televisions, and more.

Start saving with Woot

As you might imagine, Amazon makes it seamless to shop on the site.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can simply use your login credentials to gain access. Otherwise, you can create an account with your email address.

Amazon Prime members get the added bonus of free shipping when they shop on Woot. So in addition to getting a reduced price, you won’t pay extra to ship (but it takes longer than the one- or two-day shipping Prime offers).

Once you’re logged into your account, you officially become a Wooter and can begin taking advantage of deals.

So, if you’re as into saving a few pennies as I am, I recommend checking out Woot to find deals on those everyday items you plan on buying. You, of course, may not find the exact item you want but you could find an acceptable substitute … or see something you didn’t even know you wanted.

–Fo Alexander