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The Texas First Court of Appeals is one of 14 intermediate appellate courts in Texas. The First Court sits in the Houston, Texas, area and covers 10 counties. There are nine justices the court. Published opinions of the First District Court of Appeals can be found here.

The Texas Courts of Appeals are part of the Texas judicial system. In Texas, all cases appealed from district and county courts, criminal and civil, go to one of the fourteen Texas Courts of Appeals, with one exception: death penalty cases.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) is the court of last resort for all criminal matters in the State of Texas, United States. The Court, which is based in the Supreme Court Building in Downtown Austin, is composed of a Presiding Judge and eight judges.

Mark Bennett Argues Texas Revenge-Porn Statute in First Court of Appeals “This landmark decision in Jim and Barbara Miles’ case was the first time a judge ruled, or a court ruled … project is comp…

The First Court of Appeals serves the Houston, Texas Area. The Court consists of nine justices who hear appeals and original proceedings from ten counties.

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Courts of civil appeals in Texas were established in 1891 by constitutional amendment to help handle the increasing load of the court system. They had jurisdiction to hear appeals and mandamus petitions of any civil case from their region, with the regions decided by the legislature.

The Court consists of nine justices who hear appeals and original proceedings from ten counties. All documents filed in parental-rights termination cases or juvenile court cases, except for the docketing statement and appellate record, must use alias names.

Petitions For Certiorari Database Petitions for certiorari are petitions filed with the Supreme Court asking the court to review the decision of a lower court. Petitions include party names, a statement of the facts, the legal questions presented for review, and an argument for granting certiorari. This database contains nearly 11 million pages of records and briefs brought before

Andre Dewayne Buford v. The State of Texas Appeal from 177th District Court of harris county (memorandum opinion) Date: December 28, 2017 Docket Number: 01-16-00727-CR.

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The Court of Civil Appeals for the First Supreme Judicial District of Texas opened its first term on Monday, October 3, 1892 with Chief Justice christopher columbus garrett, Associate Justice Frank A. Williams, Associate Justice H. Clay Pleasants, and Clerk S.D. Reeves.