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Hide Spare Key On Car

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You can also store a spare key for your car in a hitch safe without the fear of someone driving off with your vehicle. Chris Monroe/CNET Wherever you decide to hide your spare, just try to avoid …

11/02/2013  · Well since my last post was on how to open your car using only a hanger and a stick (hammer). I thought I should spend some time showing my few readers out there different ways to hide a spare key on your car.

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19/05/2017  · My wife just got a used Lexus with the transponder key. We’d like to be able to hide a spare key on the car, but don’t want it to let others open the door or drive the car.

Where and Where not to Hide your Spare Car Key The Backup Spare Car Key. Of items that people may lose or misplace, car keys probably rank high on the list.

20 a.m when the 29-year-old suspect allegedly broke into a car park in the 100 block of Creek Bend Road and drove off with a vehicle that had a spare key sitting in the car’s console.