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Gas Vs Diesel Rv Pros & Cons

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RV Smackdown - Diesel vs Gas Learn the pros and cons of diesel versus gas RVs before purchasing a new rig. The urge to reconnect with the outdoors and the open road appeals to many people. Maybe you would like to sell your “old clunker” and replace it with a newer, more polished model.

Now, some pros to owning a gasoline powered RV. A gasoline powered RV is going to cost you less money up front to purchase. regular maintenance and fixes can be done by just about any repair shop, which can be very important if you need repairs while out on the road. Someone with a little bit of technical knowledge and mechanical experience can take care of many of the minor maintenance …

When I bought my RV, I was only looking for a gas powered RV. However, I know, that having diesel is more economical and cheaper in the long run.