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Cost To Tint Home Windows

home window tint reduces residential costs residential film can lower incoming solar energy in “hot spots” in your house by 33% to 66%, depending on the type of film used and constantly rising energy costs and oil …

Cost to Tint Windows on a House Tinting several windows in the home costs $318 to $875, or about $7 to $110 per square foot. The total expense differs due to these factors: type of film; size; window style; flat windows, like double-hung and casement varieties, are the cheapest types to tint.

How to Price a Tint Job Home window tinting is not as popular as car tinting, but believe it or not, the benefits for residential window tinting far outweigh those for your car. Even better, the average window tinting cost is not too high and you can install tinted windows yourself. Nevertheless, there are several considerations to look at before making such an investment.