Are Electric Blankets Safe

On a chilly winter night, climbing into a warm, cozy bed is like heaven on earth. One efficient way to quickly warm things up under the sheets (okay, another way) is an electric blanket.

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Are Electric Blankets Safe or Dangerous? The 5 most frequent safety questions we are asked about heated blankets and heated mattress pads: Can anyone use electric bedding?

Electric blanket safety. To help you stay safe and warm in winter and to help reduce the number of unsafe electric blankets being used in homes, we recommend that you follow these simple steps when purchasing, using, storing and disposing of your electric blanket.

Cancer Risks Associated with Electric Blankets When temperatures take a dive, an electric blanket can be a cost-effective way to keep warm at night. Are you on a budget and …

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Electric blankets will need to be tested by a competent electrician with the correct qualifications to do so. Make sure your blanket is tested by a competent electrician at least every three years. You can ask the shop where you bought it from about testing and servicing, or contact the trading standards department at your local council – they often have free testing days.

As the weather turns colder, many people use electric blankets to add a little extra warmth and comfort on a winter night. Using an electric blanket is often a less expensive alternative to cranking up the heat or using a space heater.