Vacuum pump oil for mechanical and diffusion pumps. We sell Krytox, Fomblin, Santovac, Dow Corning DC-702, DC-704, DC-705 and others.

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Vacuum Pump Oil

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MVT-20 Vacuum Pump Fluid 

MediVac's equivalent to Inland and Modoc 20 pump oils. We have this product in use in direct drive, belt driven and diffusion pumps throughout Southern California.
   Vacuum pump fluid for all applications. Diffusion and mechanical pumps. We stock PFPE, silicone and hydrocarbon based fluids.

Oil Specifications:

Severely hydro treated mineral oil. 
Vapor Pressure <1 X 10E-6torr
Viscosity @40C./100C. 64.0 cst/8.5 cst
Pour Point -12C.
Flash Point 227C.
Color Light Amber
$39.00 Per Gallon

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